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Forest Hill Financial Advisory is an independent, state registered advisory firm based in San Francisco, California. President, Eric Buonassisi, combines a successful business career with four years as an investment advisor at a major international investment firm.

With over 30 years of executive management experience in multinational, industrial enterprises, Eric offers his clients a unique perspective and a hands-on investment philosophy. His personal experience in wealth management, portfolio diversification, and retirement planning have enabled him to guide clients through the great recession and to plan for a brighter future. view credentials

Retirement Planning

Dividend growth and covered call options are key factors in producing portfolio income using a tax sensitive approach

Forest Hill Financial Advisory Group actively manages client investments with a customized strategy that combines an emphasis on long term growth with current income driven by a fundamental stock selection and diversification strategy. Dividend yields and covered call premiums play an important role in the accumulation of wealth for both retirement accounts and taxable trading accounts.

Case Study
Call premiums often exceed dividend yields!

When stock is purchased for long term gains and dividend yields, writing covered calls is an efficient and often overlooked means of generating outsized gains in an equity portfolio. For the knowledgeable advisor, a covered call strategy enables a greater flexibility to incorporate certain tax reduction strategies. Learn more

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