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Investment Philosophy


Forest Hill Financial Advisory offers a one-to-one client servicing approach that recognizes the value of trust and listening to client needs before creating and presenting an Investment Plan. Each portfolio and investor strategy is managed with that client’s goals as a beacon.

  • Flexible investment strategy
    • Ability to react to changing market conditions
    • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Global approach
  • Established performance history
  • Low management fees
    • Low, discounted trading fees
  • Total portfolio growth perspective
  • Our goal is to help clients achieve their financial goals – not sell the corporate “flavor” of the month stock or structured investment someone else is pushing
  • Leverage call options* trading to optimize after tax returns – even in a down market

The FHFA Difference

  • One-to-one personalized portfolio management and communication
  • Commitment to understanding the client’s financial needs
  • Providing expertise and confidence to help the client’s reach their financial goals
  • Portfolios are monitored, evaluated and professionally managed on an ongoing basis
FHFA Difference

This level of service is rarely available to the individual small investor – at FHFA it is the foundation of our client relationship.

What you receive at FHFA:

  • Thoughtful written, individual quarterly updates of client portfolios and an update on the markets in addition to the usual monthly statements for each account.
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