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As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Forest Hill Financial Advisory Group is required to provide each prospective client with a Schedule F and ADV Part II. These forms are intended to provide the client with full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest, past actions by the SEC or FINRA regulating bodies, or anything that a client should reasonably be expected to know before entering into a contract for the provision of financial advisory services. These required disclosures are modified as dictated by the SEC and FINRA regulating organizations. This is true for Financial Planning as well as Portfolio management and discretionary trading agreements. The following documents are available to download and print for file records before the Agreement is executed and signed by both parties – the client(s) and FHFA. The Discretionary Investment Advisor Agreement is for review purposes only and cannot be modified until FHFA is ready to propose an Agreement. After all the preliminary planning steps have been completed, FHFA will send a personalized Agreement to the client for signing by both parties. Please feel free to download and print the Schedule F and ADV Party II for your own files.

Risk/Return and Investment Horizon

At FHFA, we want to know what kinds of investments you are comfortable with and what your level of knowledge is concerning investments in general. Making your financial plans come true will require an understanding of your risk tolerance and your understanding of alternative ways to make money grow in the new world markets. Please take some time to answer the highlighted Questionnaire and send it, confidentially, to me for a review.

  • Investment Questionnaire Risk, Reward and Time Horizon
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